Sidelying in Practice

Sidelying in Practice DVD

For this video, three of my clients let me shoot their Trager® sessions. The sidelying position is preferable for each of them, so we get to see how this angle on the work is applied for their different situations.

Although the whole video is 68 minutes long, to help you in your practice, I have grouped the shots into sections by area of the body. In each area you will see things from both sides, and in both close-up and full-body shots.

Chapters include:

  1. Intake, Mentastics®
  2. Support for comfort
  3. Addressing the whole body – contact, sculpting, shimmering, pausing, assessing the tissue and the movement
  4. Hand play
  5. Arm from the front
  6. Foot play
  7. Leg from the front
  8. Shoulder from the back
  9. Hip, spine and core
  10. Neck and Face
  11. Optional closure supine
  12. Return to vertical: sensory observations, noticing changes, and teaching recall

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This Feeling…

This Feeling... DVD

This DVD, structured like a music video, floats and churns uninterrupted for 15 minutes on Tigger Benford’s rippling marimba score. My commentary identifies some of the principles and points of view that make this work so distinctive and so personally meaningful.

It’s a visual treat, sensitively shot in close up, (and sometimes in slow motion) in order to evoke the fluid and lush pleasures of receiving a Trager® session. At various points, it focuses in on a quality of touch that is at once safe, casual, and extraordinarily sensual; on patterns of wave motion that range from pervasive to penetrating; and on joyous bounces that enliven body tissues and awaken body awareness.

It is built on hypnotic rhythms, so for full enjoyment, please watch it in a safe, comfortable, and undistracted environment.

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Moving Into Agelessness

Agelessness DVD

In this video, I illustrate why and how movement is important to a feeling of ageless freedom, ease, and well-being. Themes include movement exploration for its own sake, integration in everyday activity, using pleasure sensations as a guide, and lightness in gravity.

Chapters include:

  1. Movement Is Aliveness and Movement Defines Us
  2. Attending to Sensation: Developing a Practice of Movement Dialog and Staying in Inquiry
  3. Improving Movement Quality: Freedom, Quickness, Softness
  4. Playing in Gravity: Resting on the Ground, Rebounding, Swinging

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Trager® Level One Review DVD

Level 1 DVD

The DVD contains over 100 minutes of demonstration and review of the Level I material designed to help you recall your training and stay on track with your fieldwork. It is shot in a beautiful and bright classroom with both close-up and full-body views. Each section is presented in demonstration style, very similar to the way it is presented in class.

Chapters include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing with Mentastics
  3. Intake and Interview
  4. Head, Neck, and Breath
  5. Legs and Feet
  6. Arm, Chest, and Belly
  7. Face Down Comfort and Back of Legs
  8. Shoulders and Back
  9. Closure

This DVD is available only to Trager members who have completed the Level I training.

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A transcript is available of this DVD.

Trager® Level II Review DVD

Level 2 DVD

With a run time of 3 hours, this video goes into great detail in each area of material presented in the Level II Training. It is full of adaptations and variations to help students connect better to more practice partners, with a lot of collective wisdom packed onto one disc, and beautifully filmed in High Definition.

Chapters include:

  1. Mentastics for you
  2. Neck Area
  3. Feet and Legs (Supine)
  4. Arm, Chest, Belly
  5. Legs and Hips (Prone)
  6. Shoulders and Back

This DVD is available only to Trager members who have completed a Level II training.

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A transcript of the opening of this DVD is available.

Trager® Level III Review DVD

Level 3 DVD

With a run time of 2 hours and 45 minutes, this video presents the tablework material from the Level III Training. It is full of richly descriptive demonstrations, sharing much wisdom from 30 years in practice, and highlighting common themes that come up in our Trager Practices. Yet, it still costs less than a Tutorial. Filmed in High Definition.

Chapters include:

  1. Trapezius Territory
  2. Lighter Legs
  3. Dissolving the Burden of Responsibility
  4. Periphery to Core
  5. Breath
  6. Seated Possibilities
  7. Upright Ease and Balance

This DVD is available only to Trager members who have completed a Level III training.

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Body ReMinder™ Playing Cards

Body ReMinder Playing Cards are tools to stimulate the exploration and integration of new feeling experiences in the body. There are three different decks of 48 cards each--the Sitting Deck, the Walking Deck, and the Driving Deck. Each deck includes cards that help in:
  1. Developing body awareness through experiential anatomy (sensing location, actions, possible natural movements of the bones, muscles, connective tissues, organs, etc. in ever finer detail.)
  2. Exploring and inviting positive, healthful feeling states (joy, lightness, freedom, ease, peace, etc.)
  3. Calming, energizing and harmonizing body feeling (sensation, energy, and emotion)
  4. Softening, reducing, and/or eliminating painful, uncomfortable, stuck, unbalanced movement patterns
  5. Building, increasing, and/or enhancing pleasurable, fluid, balanced movement patterns
  6. Moving and sensing in ways that help you feel re-connected with the life-giving, life-regulating force that surrounds and supports all living things
Sitting Deck

Sitting Deck

The Sitting Deck focuses on sensations and awarenesses that increase relaxation, pleasure and peacefulness while sitting. Whether at your desk, in meetings, on a train or plane, or by yourself in meditation, these light-hearted suggestions will guide you in staying present in your body no matter what else is going on.
Walking Deck

Walking Deck

The Walking Deck brings attention to your many moving parts and how they could feel while in the simple action of walking. Whether walking from bedroom to kitchen, out to the car, around the nieghborhood, or on a hike in the mountains...whether getting exercise, going somewhere with purpose, or just taking a stroll for the pleasure of it...walking is a wonderful opportunity to connect with more joy in being in your body.
Driving Deck

Driving Deck

The Driving Deck can be carried in your glove compartment so cards can be easily drawn before you set out on a long trip or at the start of your daily commute. Remember that while driving a car, the first responsibility is driving safely. These mind/body inquiries are only to help your driving experience become more enjoyable.


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Roger explained the Trager Approach in an podcast interview on the UnBreak Your Health website.
To download and play his interview:

  1. Go to
  2. In the page, go to the line "Click here [orange button] to listen to the Trager Approach."
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I was recently interviewed about the work on a podcast focused on golfing, but even if you don’t golf, you will enjoy hearing me explain why free, easy, playful, fluid movement is so important for our bodies and our health. It is one of the best interviews I have done… clear, simple, easy, and lively.
Get the podcast here.

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