Trager® Introductory Workshop (from one hour to two days)

Trager® Tools for Massage Therapists (3 days)

Trager® Professional Certification Training Program
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Level I (6 days)
Level II (6 days)
Level III (5 days)
Level IV (3 days)
Level V: Spirals and Diagonals (3 days)
Level V: Breath (3 days)
Mentastics®: A Path to Peace and Pleasure (1, 2 or 3 days)
Level V: Beyond Self-Care (3 days)
Level V: Springy Vitality

Sidelying (3 day elective)

Movement and Transformation (3, 4, or 5 day elective workshops/retreats)
The Power of the Pelvis
Opening the Heart
Freeing the Voice

Speaking and Listening with the Body Systems (3 days)

Living Your Fullness (7 day elective)
Summer Mentastics Retreat for the Trager community and friends

Professional Development through Personal Transformation
Year long elective training program for Trager Students and Practitioners
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Introductory Workshop

The Introductory workshop presents the Trager Approach to the community and provides information about the Trager Training Track. The major activities of the sessions are Mentastics, teaching of the principles of Trager, and demonstrations and experiences of the tablework. The Introductory Workshop is a prerequisite to the Level I training.
6 - 14 Credit Hours
Bodywork class

Trager® Tools for Massage Therapists

In this workshop we focus on perceiving and practicing principles of healthy, natural, enlivening movement in ourselves and in our clients. We explore and apply primary aspects of Trager movement education including: working from a highly receptive state; teaching through touch; inspiring new feeling with creative imagery; staying in playful inquiry, especially when faced with pain, reluctance, or other resistance. Participants will also have ample opportunity to integrate new kinetic perception skills into current work patterns in order to support a lifelong, joyful, and effective bodywork practice.
24 Credit Hours
Head massage

Level I

The focus of Level I is a deep grounding in the principles of the work. The Student is shown how to do a full tablework session protocol of Trager Movement Education. The student will also learn a variety of self-care Mentastics Movements that they can use personally and share with others. Discussion of ethics, preparation for Fieldwork, and other issues pertinent to this level are included. The format of the training is by demonstration and supervised practice with other students.
48 Credit Hours
Roger demonstrating

Level II

After completing the required fieldwork, the Level II Training will review and refine the Level I protocol. The student is shown a broader application of Trager Movement Education and Mentastics Movements with a focus on adaptations for specific client situations and variations to address each area of the body more fully. The class expands the breadth and depth of Mentastics Movements and Processes, and the student develops more insight and skill in sharing Mentastics with others. Discussion of ethics, preparation for the next round of Fieldwork, and other issues pertinent to this level are included. The format is similar to the Level I training.
48 Credit Hours
Hands on

Level III

After completing the required fieldwork, the Level III Training will review and refine the Level I and Level II protocols, and encourage the student to begin to work in a more client-centered way, focusing on what is really needed. The class will also provide guidance toward a broader application of Trager Movement Education and Mind/Body Integration. In addition, other subjects are discussed and practiced including professional ethics, private practice issues, giving a demonstration, writing promotional materials, etc. to be prepared as a Professional Practitioner. The format of the training is simlar to the preceding trainings.
40 Credit Hours

Level IV

This class reviews and deepens the 4 areas of Practitioner development: Attitude and Communication, Mentastics, Tablework, and Professional Conduct. Time is spent developing both honesty and compassion in self-assessment, and in speaking and writing about the work. Students work individually and in small groups to address issues that have come up in private practice, and to support each other in order to make the practice more effective, joyful and rewarding. Guided by the teaching staff, Practitioners identify and fill in gaps of awareness and skill in their practice, and find ways of letting go of less-than-desirable habits, especially in relation to body use, client relationships and professional presentation.
24 Credit Hours
Spirals class

Level V: Spirals and Diagonals

Through my many years of Trager practice, and from years before as a dancer, I have explored and learned to see and feel movement in the body along spiral and diagonal pathways. Through sensing and working with various qualities of movement along these lines we can contact and help free up deep structures in the neck, back, hips, chest and belly. We also find alternate ways to reach areas otherwise unavailable in some clients due to positioning or contact restrictions. We begin to see and feel and enjoy the full, rich, three-dimensionality of the body. And we develop more flexibility in our work. In this advanced workshop designed for Trager Practitioners, we develop our awareness and ability to feel these pathways, and the connective tissue that creates them, both in ourselves and in our clients. We explore Mentastics that broaden our awareness of three-dimensional movement patterns, elongation, elasticity, and springy vitality. And spend much of our time practicing simple, efficient ways of facilitating these movement possibilities in our tablework partners.
24 Credit Hours
Roger Dancing

Level V: Breath

To breathe fully is to live fully. But what is a full, free breath? What does it look like and feel like, both from the inside and from the outside? How do we free the restrictive patterns in the bodymind skillfully using all the tools of our tablework and Mentastics? How does the body/mind learn to breath fuller, easier... with more pleasure and delight? What is the effect of paying close attention to my client's breathing, staying curious, attentive, receptive, responsive? What if I coordinate weighing, elongating, shimmering, rippling, compressing movements with the natural rhythm of my client's breathing? What is the impact on their emotional body... on the unconscious mind... on my relationship to them? What is the result of paying closer attention to my own breathing as I work? Can I find more fluid, integrated strength? More freedom, creativity or ease? More intimacy, more tenderness, easier connecting and disconnecting, richer Hook-up? These questions and more light our way in this 3 day advanced workshop for Trager Practitioners.
24 Credit Hours
Peaceful faces

Mentastics®: A Path to Peace and Pleasure

Dr. Milton Trager developed his delightful and profound approach to Movement Education and Body/Mind Integration over a lifetime of practice. Those of us who have made this work our professional home have also been rewarded by discovering how practicing it daily with our clients changes our own lives. To describe the self-care aspect of his work, Dr. Trager coined the word "Mentastics" as a contraction of "mental" and "gymnastics". Mentastics (singular) is the process of movement exploration and mind/body development characterized by an open, curious state of mind. Mentastics (plural) are the individual movements, images, and games used to explore and integrate lighter, freer, more peaceful ways of being. In this weekend, we deepen our experience of both process and movement repertoire, and focus on areas of interest or concern brought by the participants. My particular fascination at this time is in using the time I spend with my client in Mentastics as a time to enhance my own personal growth... as a spiritual practice, even. By pausing repeatedly to return to simple presence with nothing added, a state Dr. Trager referred to as Hook-up, I may continually cleanse my mind of worry, attachment and striving, and rid my body of tension and fatigue.
24 Credit Hours
Class exercise

Level V: Beyond Self-Care...Compassion, Persistence and Courage in the Practice of Mentastics for Self-Development

As Practitioners, you are already employing Mentastics to prepare you for your day, to help you arrive in Hook-up, and to refresh yourself while giving Trager sessions. You are already finding natural, simple Mentastics to offer your clients for their recall and self-care between sessions. And you are already finding a few minutes now and then during the day to interrupt the fast pace of relentless activity and demand, and are using Mentastics to bring your feeling state back to a tolerable level of ease.

And occasionally in your practice, you get glimpses of a completely new you, a freer, lighter, easier you, a non-reactive you, a deeply compassionate you, an ego-less catalyst for change in others. And you know, that if you could start to be that person every day, your daily life would start to cook with new and wonderful experiences, your work would rise to new heights of effectiveness, and your practice would grow by itself.

In this 3-day retreat for Trager Practitioners we will support each other with open-hearted feedback, hands-on table explorations, and stimulating discussions as we expand our experience of Mentastics with questions like: How does my sense of self change when I balance slow wallowing in weight with rigorous and frequent practices of lightness, freedom and speed? How do I carve out new spaciousness in my bodymind, and how do I sustain it? How do I move beyond the old habits I am caught in, when I am the one guiding the inquiry? How do I embody the new freedom and spaciousness of mind that will direct and motivate my inquiry into new and ever deeper possibilities in the future?


Level V: Springy Vitality

This workshop explores ways to bring qualities of liveliness, curiosity, enthusiasm, and buoyancy into our personal Mentastics and into our sessions with clients. What could it feel like with more spring in attitude, more tone in tissue, more integration in structure, and more youthful aliveness in movement? How do we cultivate these qualities in our self-preparation time, in our interview process, in our table time (rocking, swinging, shimmering and pausing), and in the way we integrate the session into life patterns? What happens when, after establishing sufficient safety, trust and relaxation, we let lulling rhythms fade into the background and focus on enlivening the tissue?

What is beyond relaxation? Hook up with the life-giving force.



In this Elective class for Level II and III Students and Practitioners, we focus on reviewing and expanding on the tablework vocabulary with the client in the sidelying position which is only briefly presented in Levels I-III. The class highlights movement material discovered through basic Trager principles, and emphasizes providing emotional support to the client, keeping clear boundaries and deepening Hook-up. Participants are also encouraged to develop or expand their own vocabulary of freer and easier movements through a deeper listening to the tissue.
24 Credit Hours

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