Individual Sessions with Roger Tolle
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Come Home to Your Self

Let go… into hands and presence that are soft, sensitive, powerful, and wise.

Feel… movement and touch that soothes, delights, and expands your possibilities.

Discover… how daily life is immeasurably enhanced by regular experiences of exquisite re-connection to Self.

What happens in a session?

In my warm, spacious studio, each session will begin with a short consultation to determine what your deeper goals are, as well as the specific intentions of this session. We may decide to focus on one or more of the following:

To get to know you better, and to understand what is going on in your bodymind, I will ask you to describe your experience, both sensory and emotional, and I'll observe your current ways of moving. We'll explore together how new ways of moving effect your experience. By shifting the direction and quality of attention, and by finding dynamic alignment through imagery, you will begin to release restrictive habits of thinking or being.

When you get on my comfortable bodywork table, dressed in what ever is most comfortable for you (loose shorts and tank top, soft sweatshirt and pants, or just briefs) and draped for your warmth and privacy, you will be able to relax all the neuromuscular activity that usually deals with being upright in gravity. As my hands gently cradle, elongate, compress, fluff, and send pleasurable waves and ripples through your body, you will be able to let go of other deeply held patterns of bracing or sluggishness. Soft touch and penetrating movement (punctuated by pauses in resonant silence) will gradually, safely awaken and spread life energy throughout your body.

Before we close the session, you will have plenty of time to integrate what your body has learned. As you sit, stand, walk and explore what is new in your body and mind, we will continue our inquiry. What is the meaning for you of this new feeling experience? How can you take this feeling home with you? How can you weave it into your work and your relationships? What do you want to set as specific intentions for a daily self-practice? What will be the goals for future sessions?


Relaxation Training

Movement Therapy

Therapeutic Intimacy

Mindfulness Coaching

Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

2016-2017 Session Rates and Packages

Rates are for Charlottesville, VA. When doing sessions in other locations, fees may be adjusted to local standards, or to cover travel costs.

Awakening Your Potential:

Introductory or single session including explanation of principles and processes, movement assessment, hands-on table work in one or more areas, and bodymind integration, 90 minutes for $130.

Personal Development Package:

Six 90 minute sessions within 6 months, to help you sustain high states of well being, increase joyfulness, and resolve bodymind challenges as they arise, $780 value for $650.

Low Income/Student/Senior Packages:

Designed and priced so you can afford the work you need.

Gift of Inner Peace:

Gift certificate for one 90 minute session focused on accessing deep relaxation, $130 (current clients may purchase gift sessions for half price).

Please Note

Payment is to be made at the time of the appointment, or in advance for series packages. At least 24 hours notice is required to change an appointment.

Sessions are not involved with the diagnosis or treatment of disease, nor do they substitute for medical treatment where such attention is needed. While sessions often provide relief from physical and emotional symptoms, they are not intended to replace the advice or treatment of a licensed physician or mental health practitioner.

For maximum effectiveness, please leave time after each session to enjoy and integrate the new feeling information.

Individual Sessions with Roger Tolle
202 Douglas Ave. #1E, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Cell 434-227-6934 - Email
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