I always have ideas for new articles, creative projects, workshops, trainings, or retreats. Some are still in the idea development phase. Others are about to be birthed. I welcome your support and encouragement, and even your participation in getting them off the ground. I'm also involved in several communal efforts and committees.

CD or DVD of Guided Mentastics

students have been bugging me for this kind of home study support for years… now working on building this into a peer support course for Practitioners

Book on Trager® Principles and Ways of Teaching Them

already have many notes, musings, outlines, essays… need to find the "voice" for this and then set aside much time… waiting for my sabatical and/or ghost writer

Articles for Magazines

ideas abound… on everyday yoga… on moving meditations… on gay men's embodied spirituality… on living a sensual life… need to set aside writing time when I'm not so busy living

Trager Instructors Committee

sheparding a group of new trainees through the process of becoming Trager Instructors… reporting back and forth between the trainees and the Instructors Committee… preparing and responding to proposals for the growth and development of the work and the training program

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