Movement Education, Mind/Body Integration

A Lighter Way of Being

Imagine a child... carefree... expressing himself with natural, easy, and fluid movements... his body a source of joy, pleasure and vitality. This feeling is your birthright. You can recover this feeling in Trager sessions, and learn to restore it to your everyday awareness.

The Movement Sends the Message

The Trager Approach is a way of learning through movement and touch. In sessions, you receive repeated lessons in what it feels like to move with more and more ease and freedom. Your head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back and torso are supported, gently moved, elongated, jiggled and rocked in your body's natural rhythms. As your mind and body yield to these soft, wave-like movements, tensions disappear and new movement patterns become possible.

An Approach for Every Body

The Trager Approach is pleasurable, gentle and nurturing. It's wide appeal comes from the deep and long-lasting effects. Some people receive sessions for relaxation, for enjoyment, for personal growth, or to enhance athletic performance; Others because they are challenged by the functional limitations of pain, medical conditions, aging, disease, or injuries. Inquire about the benefits of a Trager session for your specific concerns.

An Investment in Your Well-Being

Benefits of a Trager session are cumulative, with subsequent sessions allowing for deeper and more long-lasting change. But even after one session clients say:
I feel deeply relaxed and energized at the same time.
I feel less pain and have more flexibility.
I feel more connected to my body, my emotions, and my soul.
I feel like I have come home to myself.

Put Yourself in Experienced Hands

From Germany to Japan, from Italy to Australia, Roger is one of the most sought after practitioners and teachers of this delightful approach to wellness. In addition to many years of study with Dr. Milton Trager, M.D. and other pioneers in the fields of Somatic Education and Movement Therapy, he brings to his practice the depth, range and sensitivity from over 25 years in practice and over 15,000 client sessions. He currently offers private sessions at his home studio in Charlottesville, VA, and at various locations around the world in conjunction with his teaching engagements. "Roger's great... gentle, wise, funny... and lives what he teaches."

Hear More

Roger explained the Trager Approach in an podcast interview on the UnBreak Your Health website.
To download and play his interview:

  1. Go to
  2. In the page, go to the line "Click here [orange button] to listen to the Trager Approach."
  3. Right-click on the little orange square icon.
  4. In the menu that appears click on "save object (or destination) as…"
  5. Play the file "TragerApproach.mp3" that you saved with your favorite media player (iTunes, Winamp, Foobar2000, Windows Media Player…).

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