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This Feeling…

A visual treat evoking the feeling of a Trager® session, and highlighting the sensual touch, gentle waves and enlivening bounces. My commentary identifies some of the principles and points of view that make this work so distinctive and powerful. The commentary script in pdf format may be downloaded from the Articles page.

The full 15 minute DVD can be purchased by clicking here, or can be viewed below. It contains potentially hypnotic rhythms, so, for full enjoyment, please watch it in a safe, comfortable, and undistracted environment.

Moving Into Agelessness Video

This video is divided into four parts for easier online viewing. You may also order a DVD of the whole thing, running time about 17 minutes, by clicking here.

In it, I illustrate why and how movement is important to a feeling of ageless freedom, ease, and well-being. Themes include movement exploration for its own sake, integration in everyday activity, using pleasure sensations as a guide, and lightness in gravity.

Part 1: Movement Is Aliveness and Movement Defines Us

Part 2: Attending to Sensation: Developing a Practice of Movement Dialog and Staying in Inquiry

Part 3: Improving Movement Quality: Freedom, Quickness, Softness

Part 4: Playing in Gravity: Resting on the Ground, Rebounding, Swinging

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